Stainless Steel 62x30x20cm Reefer Container Socket Box | CZXB3-2/15-1x3

Item No.: CZXB3-2/15-1x3, CZXB3-2/15-2x3,
Feature: Three Sockets Box
Protection Class: IP67
Material: Box body - Stainless Steel / Socket - Brass or Nylon
Voltage: AC380/440V  50/60Hz  3P+E
Current: 32A
Size: L620 x W300 x H204mm
Weight: 26.25 KGS

1. Appearance design is reasonable, compact and applicable;
2. The combination form is flexible, can provide 1 to 10 joint assembly structure;
3. Simple drawer and socket technology, without the need to disconner other socket power supply, quick replacement of internal circuit breakers;
4. Stainless steel box and cover, brass or nylon connectors
5. Body protection class IP67, the socket cover can prevent water entering the socket box while be accidentally opened;
6. Plug from bottom to top into th socket,easy to operate, the front of the housing positioning to ensure easy plug in the dark;
7. With mechanical interlock device, plug can only be inserted or puller out in the state of power off;
8. The circuit breaker has good performance and high breaking capability (satndard is 10kA, special requirements up to 30kA).